Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hey buds,
I know this is too late for me to wish Merry Christmas..But still I cant stop myself from at least posting this!!
Hope This New Year 2012 brings U & Me more happiness, more thrills, more love, more friends, more joy, more love, more clothes, more beauty, more luck, more money, more food, more & more...!!!

**** ~Yaaaaaaaaaaaay~ ****
Do ya buds have any new year resolutions? Hmm.. I should certainly think of mine and Have to make a list of them... And whether I try to fulfill them is a Different story!!! ;)
Hmm... My crazy resolution is
a) to get a clear, flawless skin, and
b) lonnnnnnnnnnnng hair

I will really work out to make those crazy dreams come true..!! If it happens, I will soon update my blog with all ma experiences and personalized tip....!!!

Fingers Crosssed!!

Watever a Great New (Leap) Year ahead with a lot of expectations & choices..!! Do well!! Take Care of Yourself Buds!!
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With Loads of Luv

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fictitious Fashion Giveaway by Akanksha Chawla

I am back again with another Giveaway!! Yea, its a simple crazy Giveaway which is held Internationally!!
Wohhoooo!! Yea this time its Akansha Chawla with some cute gifts!! You can get her Facebook profile here.
This time the Giveaway comes in two packages from which You can select only one ( In fact that is d saddest part coz I liked boooth !! Am I becoming a lil greedy? )
Ok here are the two snaps that would make U go crazy on this Giveaway!!
At least my blog is going fine since I participate in Giveaways and post them here!! : /

Its her blog's 100 Followers celebration. .. . . Congrats Akanksha and All the best!!!
Hope I win this;) So buds, Do participate & Promote!!

With Loads of Luv

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Win a Satchel Handbag - Christmas Giveaway!!

Another participation in a Give away.. Woww!! This tym its Full On accessories!!
Wohoo ...I am super excited to be a part of this Christmas Giveaway!! Hoping that Santa has somethin for me..or You?
Yea!! U heard me Right...
Its a Christmas Duo Giveaway by Ansh @

 1) A Crazy Satchel Handbag @ this place hosted by Ansh along with Leora.

2)  Win Jewelry, Accessories and more! here. hosted by Ansh along with Paradiso Store.

You can check Ansh's BeautyProfile on Facebook here.
I really wanna participate in these duo Giveaways.. & Yay I'm almost Done!!
Do participate & Promote these Twinies !!!
With Loads of Luv

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have an Oily Skin!!!

Yes, My skin is oily. And my skin is neither perfect too. I am trying new ways to improve my skin and make it a flawless skin.
Skin care starts by knowing what skin type You have. For an oily skin, there are some ingredients that one should avoid (eg. milk products). There is no big deal for having fries and eggs. You can have plenty of them, provided you have sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.

A major advantage of Oily skin is that it is wrinkle free.. Yay!!!
But oily skin attracts dirt.

Must Have
  • A cleanser
  • A toner
  • Steaming
  • Multani mitti
  • Citrus fruits
  • Oats
  • Almond
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Honey
  • Egg Yolk
  • Milk Products
  • Any Oil
  • Wash face at-least Twice a day (Before going out and after goin out).
  • Exercise to sweat enough

Steps of Skin Care:
  • Cleansing: Oatmeal
  • Moisturizing: Aloe Vera
  • Toning: Egg White, Cucumber
  • Exfoliate: Papaya 
  • Calomine Lotion
Tadaaaa...!! You r Done. Now You are less prone to pimples and break outs. Stay Healthy!!!

With Loads of Luv

Acne Myths & Treatments

Hey buds,
Today I received a mail from a social group to which I am subscribed to.
I came to know some acne facts. Thought to share it with You. Here it goes. . ... ..

Acne myths busted, facts uncovered, and treatment advised!
Fun & Info @ 

Top 10 Acne Myths

1. Acne is not caused by dirt. Acne is caused by hormones; mainly androgen 
and their effect on the oil glands in the skin. More specifically acne is caused by 
a disorder in the pilosebaceous units. The pilosebaceous units are found all over 
your entire body with the exception of the feet, lips and hands.
The majority of the pilosebaceous units are found on the chest, neck and face. 
In regards to whiteheads and blackheads the best treatment for these is 
consistent cleansing every night. 
Whiteheads and blackheads are not caused by dirt either so the consistent cleansing 
is to keep the dead skin cells sloughed off the blackheads and whiteheads.
2. Acne is for everyone; not just teenagers. Since acne is caused by hormones 
and their effect on oil glands in the skin it can affect adults as well as teenagers
 because adults have hormones too.
3. Treat the whole face not just the spot where the acne is. 
The acne that is showing is just a symptom of the underlying problem 
which is within the skin and the oil glands.

4. French fries, chocolate and other certain foods do not cause acne.
 Acne is caused by hormones; mainly androgen and their effect on the 
oil glands in the skin therefore food could not have anything to do with 
causing acne or acne breakouts.
5. Make-up is not the cause of acne; however avoid heavy make-up 
when sweating or working out. While make-up does not directly cause 
acne it is a very good idea to avoid heavy make-up period when you are 
sweating or working out. 
6. Tanning and sun exposure does not cure your acne. 
The myth that oily skin causes acne therefore drying out your skin 
will make the acne go away is not accurate. 
Tanning oftentimes does make people feel better about themselves 
and their skin that may be one of the reasons people feel acne is treated 
through tanning and sun exposure.
7. Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin will not make the acne go away. 
Acne is not caused by dirt; therefore scrubbing your face raw to get rid of dirt 
will only irritate your already sensitive skin.
8. One of the acne myths is that stress can cause acne in a roundabout way.
9. While acne is not curable it is treatable.
10. There is no proof that toothpaste applied to acne will treat the acne and make it go away.

Top 5 Acne Treatments:

 1.Benzoyl Peroxide is commonly used in treating mild cases of acne. 
 2.Differin which comes in the form of a gel or a cream.
 3.Accutane is a prescription acne medication that is used for very extreme cases of acne. 
 4.Tazarotene cream.
 5.Retin A and Retin A micro.

But to Keep skin Healthy I suggest the 3 basic Rules!!
(A) Eat Right

(B) Water, Water & Water
(C) Some Exercise

With Loads of Luv

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need a Change...!!!

Hey all,
I don welcome changes. I love my life as it is. However I myself make my life complex.
U know how..? My complex thoughts... My mind is a 24*7 working machine with a lot of complex thoughts, dreams, hopes, imaginations....
My life is as simple as that with a small family, a small job and a small circle of friends. But Life was full of fun during my college life. Now I miss that "Fun Factor".
A daily routine (From Home to Office & from Office to Home) has made my life super boring. I travel about more than 2 hours a day. I don't have a chance to meet new people. But I come across a lot of people daily. Some familiar faces, some new faces, some smart faces.. :) I think its the only part interesting in my daily routine. Yea I luv traveling now. It has changed my daily life from most boring to more boring...!!
Watever I prefer some tips like listening to music, scribbling, but of the most thinking of new ideas to spice up life like before!!
Hope to say that one day I will be the most cheerful girl in this world.
 I would be happy enough to tell U that How I achieved it..!! Its Simple... I always think about a change but never work for it.. and even a change or something unusual to my life happens, I give it a Cold Welcome.. :(
But now I feel that I am losing one of the best time of my life.. My spinster life!!!
To add up the missing essence of my life,
I need a Change...!!!
I want a Change...!!
And @last I welcome A CHANGE..!!!
Or else Life will change Me, My Mind which I don't want now..!!
Music,Beauty and a lot more of Drama give a superb life, I guess.
Again confused? I was talking about REALTY SHOWS which I am addicted to!!! Anyways with a nice foot note, I wind up ma post. See Ya buds  <3
With Loads of Luv