Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crazy Background

Hii buddies, When I started creating the blog, the things which made me crazy are those templates and themes. I liked every theme. Still I was not sure to use which one. I tried out almost every template and theme. I wanted something crazy which should portray my blog's energy..

And while I was searching for an image to be presented behind my Blog Title, I came across an image here.Here it is..

I edited and cropped the image. Then I uploaded a green heart image so that it can be friends with ma blog title.
 But it was not that impressive.Suddenly an idea struck me when I thought why not my blog shall fill with full of hearts?? Since my school days, I had a unique quality of drawing perfect hearts..!! I always had a love for heart collections:)
And I selected the very same green heart and made it the crazy theme of my blog..YAY!!!:) Isn't it Crazy & Cool....???
I wanna say that my buddies can get cool themes right on Sweet Tweet and get some new ideas..!!!

Loads of Luv

A Random Welcome Note

First of all, Welcome to my blog, where I wanna express my crazy thoughts on anything..!!
Well, I know its too late that I came to know about these wonderful art of blogging and I find it so superb and interesting. Till then, I would wander through those smarty social networking sites-liking and commenting on photos,links etc. Since people move on from bloggin to facebookin and tweetin nowadays, it seems interesting, Isn't it??

Hmm..Anyways my daily Cyber Routine started off this way...I would open up my Mozilla(My all time Favorite Browser) and Winamp playing latest muzic with my headset on and would start Browsing with all last opened pages.Gradually, I felt I should do something better where I can explore myself...Life was as simple as that...!!
UNTIL one day I came across the blog Poohkie's Place. Since then I always wanted to create a blog of my own.Thus, after a week, I created this CRAZY blog. Thanks to Poohkie!!

In this blog, I wanna come up with something exciting..I donno how much its gonna work out. I am not a creative writer, still I wanna give this a try...!!

Okay then see ya soon my buddies....!!!

Loads of Luv