Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crazy Snaps got From Some Super Themes!!!

Hey buds,
My empty blog is now gonna be filled with some cool crazy snaps..
Yea, I wanted to share some cool piks which I came across while I was searching for a nice theme for my cell phone Nokia C1-01.
But the sad part is that I cudnt find any crazy themes that would suit my phone.. My fon isnt compatible wth any themes on the internet!! :(
And the saddest part is that some themes were damn crazy that i really loved those piks which made those themes look lovely..!!

Even if I could not get the themes I wanted, I managed to get all those theme pics on my fon!!!
Yea!! Thats true :)

Situation : There is a theme. You like the theme because it has cute crazy piks.

Problem: You cant apply the theme on your phone since your fon is not compatible with the theme you liked.

Solution: Even If U cannot get the theme, U can get the piks from the theme.
Thus at-least U can make dat snap ur fon's wallpaper.

What You Need: WINRAR!!!
Install winrar on your computer


a) Download a theme of ur choice.

b) Right-Click the theme.

c) Click Open With

d) Choose WinRar archiver
So that U open the theme (which is a .nth file) using winrar.

e) Now a new window opens which contains a lot of images. Try open all those images till U come across the crazy wallpaper!!

f) Save that snap on your computer.

Some crazy wallpapers are readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!

Here are some of those piks I got from some crazyy superb themes..!!

I know U ll will love these snaps.. Coz I have specially chosen them for U and to post on my blog make my blog crazy cute!!!
So for now, byee & take care. . . .
With Loads of Luv