Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Blog Look!!


I was thinking of changing ma blog's looks!! I wanna go pinky from greeny!! I googled for a pink background and was so sad that I couldn't find any of my choice. At last I somehow managed to get one and I would like to see how my blog is gonna look like with that pink shot!!
I don't have much posts to boast of, But still I want my blog to be super cute!! So I am going to get a makeover for my blog!! Wuhoooo...
Till then c ya,

With Loads of Luv

Friday, March 2, 2012

I am tagged!!

"Tag-O-Mania" is a fun and interesting activity which is doing rounds in the Blogosphere in which, when a person tags you, you have to complete a form like activity and then you have to tag 11 other blogs after completing your activities. This is a pass on game.

I've been tagged by DB (I call her so) of Divineblush - A Makeuphoalic Confession. She has a smart blog with full of make up tips and much more.

These are the Rules of the Game:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Here come 11 things about me:

1. I like Kajal. I like to have those smoky eyes and do my own experimentation on Eye makeup. Even if    I am not an Eye-Makeup Person, I like Mascara, Eye shadow, Glitter etc.

2. I like pets, especially puppies and kitties. I own a 2 yrs old Black Pomeranian too.

3. I like Noodles, Dairy products and junk food aloooot.

4. I like listening to music all the time, every minute, every second  .While travelling, I use earphones. I feel so sad if I forget my earphones.

5. I am very short tempered. I can’t control myself if I come to know that I am cheated by somebody. The next thing that comes to my mind is nothing but revenge.

6. I love to have long hair. I have curly kinda hair, But not that lengthy. I go crazy for long hair. Even If I want it badly, I don’t take much care of my hair or don’t do anything to get long hair.

7. I love to collect natural beauty tips on everything from tip to toe. But I hardly work out them. Coz I am a lazy lady.

8. I like to have tea and coffee a lot. I can have them for a whole day. I like to experiment on different kinds of tea and coffee. And the only person who will have my specialized beverages is none other than me.

9. I am a day dreamer. I know none of my dreams will come true. But I dream alooooot, on anything, everything. And I talk to myself all the time. It’s the habit which I always wanted to stop. But I can’t.

10. I hate my own photographs. I am not photogenic. My friends always say that I am better in real than in pics. Nevertheless I try to get better snaps of mine.

11. I am more into reading blogs than writing my own. I explore the way each person designs their blog. The background, templates, font etc. of each bloggers come into my notice too.

And am passing the Tag to

1.   beautydiva
2.   Fictitious Fashion
3.   Let's talk about beauty and health
4.   Style by Eva Diva
5.   A Shopaholic
6.   Addicted to Blush
7.   Beauty And The Blog
8.   Girly problem , Girly solution
9.   Glitter & Gorgeous!!
10.  indianmakeupways
11.  Fashion Panache

These are the questions asked by DB to me.

1. What do you prefer a candle lit dinner or a trekking adventure?
A candle lit dinner only if I have someone special to be with. For the time being, I am single now, so I choose a trekking adventure.

2. What u like – time to spend with ur hubby or with your family
As I am single for now, I would like to spend my time with my family.

3. What do you prefer – Online Shopping or Offline shopping
I hardly do shopping. I haven’t tried online shopping yet. As of now, I prefer offline shopping.

4. What do you prefer Home made mask or the one from the stores
I like Home made masks. Even if I am lazy to prepare them, I don’t use packed face masks.

5. Tell me any one lie that you told to ur hubby
Oh my DB, I think you don’t care for singles like me, huh? ?

6. U r favorite Pilgrimage place
I like all Pilgrimages in Kerala.

7. Ur favorite beauty tip for Skin
Soak Almonds in milk. Keep it overnight. Make it into paste and apply on skin. It results in glowing skin.

8. Saree or Modern wear ??

9. You are left alone in a forest which essential thing you would ask for to survive?
A smart phone. ?

10. Monthly how much do you spend for buying Cosmetics & skin care products
I hardly spend a penny on anything. :D

11. What do you prefer Straight hair or Wavy Curly one -??
I have curly hair. But I like straight wavy hair more.

Here are My Questions:

1. What you like the most in a beauty blog?

2. Bangles or Bracelets?

3. Long Hair or short hair?

4. Sweet or spicy?

5. Blogging or Social networking?

6. Single Life or Committed Life?

7. Are you a bathroom singer or a bathroom dancer?

8. Beauty tips or Makeup tips?

9. What is the thing you hate most in people?

10. Who is your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S Show Character? Why do U think so?

11. What do you love the most in you?

All Questions asked by me are simple and short. This is really an interesting game. Please do not break the tag. So pass it on!!!

With Loads of Luv

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Special International Giveaway by Bhumika of New Love

Hey buds,
I think this year we have some Giveaway festival. Lots of Giveaways and cool prizes from different bloggers!!  Today here is a Giveaway post from me!! Yea, Its a special giveaway!! Dats right.. Its valentine special Giveaway hosted by Bhumika of New Love in association with StyleCraze.

The Giveaway Prize is a real cool stuff. Check it out below.

And for the first time, Completing the Giveaway Process was that much easy. It took hardly 10 Minutes to enter and fill up the form. Yes, the Entry Form is quite easy and smart. You can enter her Giveaway here. Do participate and make her Giveaway awesome!!

With Loads of Luv

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Valentine's Day Giveaway by Nivedita

Valentine's day is always special na? Yes it is always special for those who has got a valentine . But what about others? Hmm.. May be they get a chance to study How all those couple are nice pairs on a Valentine's day and change into those Toms & Jerrys the next day?? :D Hmm now there is another reason for singles to be happy for a Valentine's day because  a Valentine's Day Giveaway has been announced. Yea .. It is a Giveaway by Nivedita of Beauty at times is skin deep. She is hosting this Giveaway along with Stylecraze.

Also there are two winners!! Yaay.. Its not the place where winner takes it all!!!
So, Go get the prize!! Ok there are two prizes.

The First Winner gets this:
 And The Second Winer gets this one:

Amazing, isn't it? Rules are simple. But there is a question to be answered by the participants. Hmm!! The Question is "What you are going to do this Valentine's Day ?" Hmm, all your imaginations gonna boost up @ this Giveaway, na? Do participate in this Giveaway here and make her Giveaway awesomee. ..

With Loads of Luv

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chamber of Beauty Giveaway

Win 3 Nail Enamels

Yea !! That's Right. Rakhshanda of Chamber of Beauty is hosting a small Giveaway where there is a chance to win 3 yea, threeee crazy nail enamels. Surely Enticing enamels. Enter her Giveaway by clicking here.
Here goes the snap of the gift hamper!!

Faces Nail Enamel- Date night
Glitter Gal Holographic nail polish in
Not Another Red
Faces Nail Enamel in
Gold Passion

The Reviews of All the nail polishes are available in her blog. The winner will be announced after 1st February. Do participate in her Giveaway and make it a success . Till then Take Care ..!!!

With Loads of Luv

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sparkles Unlimited Six Months Blogiversary International Giveaway

Iam not a make up addicted girl.!! But I would say I simply lost it when I saw this Give away!! Believe me. Its a Giveaway by Shrilata of Sparkles Unlimited hosted by Chetana & Sangram of Enter the giveaway here.
It's the tempting gift!!This giveaway is open internationally & ends on 15th of Jan’12. Winner will be announced on 16th of January. Yea so close :). Do participate in her Giveaway and hope I win ;)

With Loads of Luv

100th Post Giveaway by Jyothi Misra of Everything That Matters...

Everything for the First Time is always special..isn't it? Like.. First day at School, College, First Love ;) , First Mobile etc etc. Likewise First Giveaway is always special for bloggers!! Ya, Certainly I am not speaking about myself!! He He :D Even if I wish to blog post a lot like other smart girls, at last I will give up... I certainly need someone to boost me up so that I can blog continuously like I do for Giveaway Posts!!! My blog has now turned into a blog only for Giveaways..!! Aaah.. I don't want it. Hmm. So seriously I will come up with some Crazy posts of my own!! Coming to the point,

Jyothi Misra of Everything That Matters... is hosting her 100th post Giveaway here. There is only one winner. That lucky one gets all these stuff!! Have a look. . .

Go through the simple rules to participate in her Giveaway !! Who knows, Maybe You might be the Lucky Winner!! The giveaway will be open till midnight 13.03.2012.. Go hurry up!!
With Loads of Luv

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year Giveaway by Tapaswini of Beauty through my eyes!!!

Yuhooo!! I am here to post on another Give away... Its a New Year Give away!
Even if I am not any close to win any Giveaways till now, I never lose hope and expect to catch up on the next one. So, Its a season of Giveaways!! I will come up with more posts. Ok, now to the matter.

This New Year Giveaway is conducted by Tapaswini (Manya) of Beauty through my eyes. Check out her Giveaway here. This is her first Giveaway with alot more rules :O. Yea but the craziest part is that it has Three Winnersss!! Did You Hear Me..? Yes, I said THREEE !! Yay!! So my hopes are way ahead!!

Go through her rules to participate. Don't wait for long or You will miss this chance, as I do all the tym :D
Ok, These can tempt to you to participate in this Giveaway!!

Third Winner will get this one!!

 Second Winner is gonna get this one right below!!

And finally, I saved the best for the last!!!
First Winner, who is most lucky gets this!!!


She is a newbie to blogging but really keeps a professional touch in her posts!! Do participate and make her Giveaway a grant success!!

With Loads of Luv