Sunday, October 23, 2011

My First Participation in a First Giveaway by "A Shopaholic"

Hi all. . .
I know My blog is now just a formality That I started off once wen i ws dat crazy nd since then I never got back from ma laziness !! :(
Now my usual routine is dat i check out my mails where i am subscribed to almost all smart beauty blogs and read it from there..that too at office most probably. . .
I wanted to explore the "act of blogging" when I was a jobless jack :D
But I thnk My blog is a lucky charm for me as i was placed on probation sooon..!!
O O O... i hav a bad habit of talkin too much senseless stuff whenever I am asked to talk about something Interesting ;)..
Yeah.. As i was reading my subscribed mails , I came to know about  an International Give Away by
at   !!!
I never participated in any give aways, (actually I have no idea wat is happening on give aways.. :D )
Still I want to explore it and know about the interesting crazy aspects of blogging..
The products seem pretty crazy, interesting and decent.
1. INGLOT AMC Face Blush.
2. MAC Cosmo

So as a part of this give away I write a new post on my blog about Aarti's First & International Give Away... Friends, If you get to know about her Give away, Do try to participate and promote her Give away and lets make it a success..!!
All the Best to All Crazy People Out there

With Loads of Luv